A trustless, decentralized, interest-bearing protocol.

Subzero is an immutable and renounced protocol, comprised of 4 ERC20 tokens on the Avalanche network. The protocol has unique and sustainable mechanisms to encourage long-term staking and providing liquidity.

Subzero Price









Tomb Evolved


The Subzero ecosystem is designed to deliver returns to holders via our unique profit-share token, Absolute Zero (ABZERO). Crystalize your holdings and assert your conviction in the Subzero protocol by freezing your Subzero tokens to Absolute Zero. The protocol actively encourages this, as it means that the combination of ABZERO and ZBONDs have the potential to lock up a greater portion of the supply and this has an exponentially greater effect on the successful seigniorage of the protocol.

Through our on-chain income generation and tax systems, ABZERO appreciates in value over time and rewards the holders. It is a liquid-staked token, which itself can also be staked, leading some to refer to it as the dual printer.

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Store of Value With


The Freezer allows holders to offset much of the inflation that occurs natively in the Tomb ecosystem. Thanks to multiple revenue channels, Absolute Zero (while ironically named) can only ever increase in value relative to Subzero and this ratio is displayed via the index.

You can think of Absolute Zero as your “reward saver” account, generating passive, yet genuine yield, derived from our ecosystem and the overall market activity.


Project Roadmap

March 2022


Staking platform establishing the base tokens of our ecosystem

Subzero+ 2.0 The Freezer: Unique tokenomics and mechanics

Q2 22


Decentralized exchange featuring SUBZERO as a liquidity token

Reducing circulating supply while generating yield to the protocol

Lend & Borrow

Boost TVL with our liquid staking model and increase buy pressure

ZBANK 2.0 Leverage: Increase growth potential and protocol revenue



Unique cross-chain expansion model benefiting the Subzero ecosystem

Launch Tokenomics

Fair Launch

Subzero launched in March 2022 with 58.58% allocated to the public. The team has gone further by donating another 21.60% (73% of the team tokens) to initialize the rewards pool. The team strongly believes that decentralized finance needs to be decentralized.

It's for this reason, mild inflation is critical in reaching wider adoption. Subzero is not like Bitcoin where only 10% is remaining to be mined and it is now mostly benefiting whales and early adopters. With Subzero, as the price increases, the supply increases. Encouraged profit-taking over peg results in increased decentralization.

By design, you will never be "too late" to participate in the Subzero ecosystem.

Initial Allocation

Get Started

Quick Start

New to this? 4 easy steps to maximise rewards:

1. Get Metamask

Install the Metamask wallet browser extension on Chrome. This is your digital wallet for interacting with Web3 applications, like Subzero+. Add the Avalanche network.



Find an "onramp" like Binance or Coinbase to buy AVAX. Register, buy and send AVAX to your Metamask wallet. Once you have AVAX, swap it for SUBZERO (or ZSHARE) on Trader Joe.


3. Freeze It

Freeze your Subzero to Absolute Zero (ABZERO) via our dApp. ABZERO automatically compounds (via the index) through profit sharing in Subzero's DeFi ecosystem.


4. Stake it

Single Stake

Our team is working on increasing the range of staking options for your frozen tokens! But right now you can single-stake your ABZERO tokens to earn ZSHARE.


Got Questions?


Why is the price above/below peg?

SUBZERO is a soft-pegged algorithmic stablecoin. Meaning that the peg only serves to alter the state of the protocol and reduce emissions when necessary. This simply allows the price to fluctuate within a consistent range, rather than being pegged like a typical stable coin. Due to the frozen supply, SUBZERO has the potential to be much more volatile than TOMB.

Volatility comes with all high performing assets, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It benefits our holders in the long-term through the tax system and the volatility itself attracts investment. Often, the most profitable and attractive investments for traders have high levels of volatility and that attention from traders leads to attention from investors.

Won't freezing tokens just reduce the liquidity?

It's true, incentivizing users to freeze their tokens will reduce the liquidity somewhat, which is intentional. Having most of the protocol's TVL sitting in liquidity pools is a risk and could create major losses if contracts needed to be reissued due to a hack, exploit or flash loan. It would be fatal for most Tomb-based protocols.

Subzero has balanced liquidity, which means it allows for more price action even as the market cap grows and that price action will inevitably result in the generation of more taxes and higher profit to long-term ABZERO holders, as users freeze and defrost. Subzero also has an easier-to-maintain peg. If Subzero is far below peg, it will take a smaller percentage of the total net worth invested to restore the peg.

However it is balanced, so providing liquidity is still strongly incentivized. Subzero primarily rewards activity that benefits the protocol (eg. freezing or providing LP).

Why peg to Tomb Finance?

The peg pays hommage to Tomb Finance and attracts investment. We have to acknowledge that the ideas behind Tomb Finance were quite innovative. A limited-inflation currency, is substantially better than an unlimited one, such as an autostaking protocol, which will inflate indefinitely and create downwards price pressure. It's also a better foundation than any standard crypto that doesn't have a controlled inflation mechanism or smart contract innovation potential.

How does freezing work?

SUBZERO is freely interchangeable with ABZERO at the ratio displayed as "the index." This index will only ever increase and you are always ensured to receive your corresponding SUBZERO tokens when defrosting. The contract will never "fall short." The tax rates are also hardcoded, meaning the rate can bever be increased or tampered with, even by the developers. Freezing costs 3%. Defrosting costs 17%.

SUBZERO is the liquidity token or medium of exchange, able to be freely bought and sold with minimal slippage to ensure a free and liquid market. ABZERO is the staked version of SUBZERO, restricting the circulating supply and providing long-term holders with the highest rate of return.

Why is there such a high tax for defrosting?

Freezing or defrosting your tokens is meant to be a conscious decision with cause and effect. It is designed to provide long-term revenue to the holders and intentionally designed to discourage selling.

We strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrency. Avalanche (AVAX), which is one of our liquidity pairs, has increased 100,000% since launch in just 2 years. Even in a bear market, crypto has undoubtedly been the world's fastest growing asset in recent time. Yet it's estimated that up to 90% of crypto traders lose money? That's because many investors in crypto are looking for short term gratification. Imagine selling Bitcoin in 2012 because of a 10% pump. A 17% tax might make you think twice and that is our intention.

Freezing a large percentage of the supply is core to the protocol. All of the top-20 cryptocurrencies have a significant portion of their supply staked (averaging 70% for recent top-20 entrants).

Are the contracts audited?

Subzero is based on Tomb Finance which has been stress-tested many times. The team will have the Freezer contract audited, however it is using functions which have been used in other applications with over $50M locked. We can't say it's free of risk entirely, but we believe it is solid and are personally invested.

Since launch, the team have only been net-buyers of the tokens, rather than sellers. Through the presale and on-market, the team has bought at the same price as any other investor. That simply doesn't happen in other projects.

Is the team doxxed?

While the team is not fully doxxed, members have appeared in YouTube videos, we are doxxed to each other and we communicate offline with partners and key community members openly. The team has a proven history of ethical conduct. In February, the team airdropped over $10M in stablecoins to the holders in our past project (PAPA DAO). We don't publish our names all over the internet for 2 reasons.

Firstly, even a team that has the very best intentions can fail. There are always risks with DeFi and they need to be acknowledged. Some of the risks include regulatory risk, smart contract risk, external bad actors and market conditions. We try our best, but provide our services without warranty express or implied.

Secondly, we want to build a DeFi ecosystem that is bigger than ourselves. Smart contracts by nature are immutable, meaning once deployed they are unchangeable, and we are building a protocol that in many ways is self-sustainable. Anyone can interact with the contracts that we deploy and help to extend the ecosystem, in the same way we've extended Tomb Finance. We believe this protocol can develop into an ecosystem and become a legacy. So it is our goal to build a protocol that has no external dependencies.

Still unsure how it works?

We're creating a user guide which will explain the system in more detail and provide some investment strategies. It's hard to say which option provides the best returns, because the indexing rate on ABZERO will be variable.

For this reason, we suggest taking a diversified approach, eg. Freezing 50%, putting 30% into staked LP tokens and 20% in the Boardroom. If you are looking for a more passive, long-term investment, you may want to allocate 100% to the Freezer.

Not Your Nan's Bank

DeFi 2.0:
The Revolution

Traditional banks pay paltry interest rates while they profit from your money. And new money is constantly printed even under hawkish governments and policy-makers, so your purchasing power is diminishing rapidly. Subzero feeds all profits to the holders (not a developer owned wallet). And through seigniorage, Subzero monetizes inflation.

With Subzero, you are the sole owner, bearer and custodian of your tokens. That comes with some responsibility, but it's easy to get started. Download Metamask and add the Avalanche network. Purchase Subzero tokens from Trader Joe and stake them here via our dApp. If you have any questions, join our helpful community on Discord.